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  • Groundbreaking Launch: InsurTech Express is thrilled to introduce the Insurtech Navigator AI, a revolutionary platform set to transform the Life Insurance Technology landscape.
  • Unparalleled Content Aggregation: Boasting the world's largest collection of Life Insurance Technology content, the platform offers unmatched insights and resources for industry professionals.
  • Comprehensive Navigation Tools: From identifying key industry events, popular job opportunities and seamless access to carrier agent portals, to one click entry into AI tools: Proforce Ledger and Midnight Underwriter.
  • Extended Features: InsurTech Navigator AI includes functionality that can generate images and summarize PDF documents. It is your ultimate guide to the insurance technology sector.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

AI Technology, Data, and Prompts

What is the AI Technology being used?
ChatGPT 4o API as of June 2024

Is this a Generative AI Tool?
Yes, Generative AI, or GenAI, is a type of artificial intelligence (AI) that can create new content based on patterns and structures found in existing data. This content can include text, images, audio, videos, code, and simulations.

What is the source of the Data?
The data captured is from multiple sources including InsurTechExpress.com, InsurTech Express blog, InsurTech Express LinkedIn Posts, and insurance industry sites.

How frequent do you update your database?
We update the database once a week. This is done automatically.

Can I use any Prompt like ChatGPT?
No InsurTech Navigator is not ChatGPT. It uses the ChatGPT API, however the data is from sources captured by InsurTech Express and trained for specific purposes for the Life Insurance Industry. Prompts are engineered and displayed by category that you can use.

How often do you update Prompts?
We will continue to engineer new Prompts and improve existing Prompts on a continuous basis with no set frequency. Each new feature release or upgrades will be documented in the FAQ - Update section of InsurTech Navigator AI. It also will be communicated to customers and the industry.

Integrated AI Tools

Is there any additional cost for the AI Tools in the InsurTech Navigator AI?
Some of the AI Tools include a Free Version and others have a Trail Version. Example: Proforce Ledger is a Free version, however Midnight Underwriter is a Trial Version for 30 Days.

Are the AI Tools Single Sign On?
Yes most if not all the registration process for the AI Tools like Proforce and Midnight Underwriter are a one click Single Sign On. Once registered, you can access these AI Tools with one click from the InsurTech Navigator AI dashboard

PDF Summaries and Generate Images

Is the PDF Document used to be Summarized saved by InsurTech Navigator AI?
No, for your privacy, InsurTech Express does not save PDF documents you upload to create summarizes.

Can I Summarize Large PDF Documents?
Yes you can summarize large PDF Documents, but the larger the document the more time it will take to Summarize. We appreciate your patience, however it’s worth the wait.

Am I limited on how many Images I can create?
During the initial launch (June 2024) of InsurTech Navigator AI, there is no limit on how many images you can create, however this could change in a future release.

Subscription and Upgrades

Will I get new features and upgrades?
Yes many new features will be made available to all subscribers. There could be future upgrade packages that you can subscribe to for an additional cost.

When the subscription renews does it renew at the current discounted price?
Your annual renewal fee will not change.

How do I cancel my Subscription?
You can cancel your subscription under "My Account" in the InsurTech Navigator AI or in "PayPal" any time prior to the next renewal date.



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